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Excess of Matter

Product Design

According to the body positivity movement, all bodies can and should be celebrated. The goal of the movement is to address unrealistic beauty standards conveyed by the media, one of this standard being a slim body and the total absence of fat. But a fat body has a lot of sensory properties that should be appreciated and praised. It protects us, appeases us, warms us, it’s comfortable and pleasant to touch. Here body fat is all about softness and comfort. 

From a work of self-acceptance and a study of my own body, using photography and drawings, I developed organic, generous and soft shapes. I have translated these shapes into voluminous objects inspired by upholstery techniques, pillow and mattress making, using various natural padding materials, which evoke the sensory aspects of fat. I propose a world of soft shapes celebrating body fat, padded and comfortable with multiple tactile feelings, in which our body comes to curl up and rest. 

The collection offers 3 different sizes of seating elements and pillows : two big seatings elements in taupe woolen fabric, 3 medium pillows in pink stretchy cotton and 3 smaller pillows in green lycra. The different seating elements and pillows are filled with natural materials such as wool, millet chaff and sand, providing different feelings of comfort and heaviness. Used all together to lay down and rest, the collection offers a variety of sensations celebrating body fat.

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